…Terry McAuliffe no doubt MEANS well.

This is going to be fun:

In his second run for Virginia’s highest office, [Democrat Terry] McAuliffe finds himself in the unusual position of aspiring to a post without having come up through the legislature or another wing of state government.

That makes him something of an anomaly. Going back 30 years, every governor save one – Mark Warner, now a U.S. senator – either served in the General Assembly or in the statewide elected offices of attorney general or lieutenant governor.

McAuliffe lacks that experience.

That’s not even the most entertaining part of this article; the most entertaining part of the article is the bit where McAuliffe responded to the simple request of Hey, tell me who’s in the Governor’s Cabinet by saying that it was a ‘gotcha’ question.  Or maybe it was the way that you can almost hear the wince in veteran (and left-leaning) political maven Larry Sabato’s voice when he notes that people have legitimate questions about McAuliffe’s inherent ability to be governor of Virginia. Or maybe it’s just this picture, which makes Terry McAuliffe look like Jon Huntsman… right after he’s taken a hit of amyl nitrate.

It’s hard to choose, honestly

Moe Lane

Via Jim Geraghty.

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  1. I live in the fine Commonwealth of Virginia and based on their doubling down on Obama, I do not doubt that the voters could once display a collective sub-room temperature IQ. Having said that, I hope to God that the state hasn’t gotten stupid enough to elect this particular jackass.

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