Jake Tapper politely calls Barack Obama, Mike Bloomberg pig-ignorant about guns.

Before you watch the video below, I invite you to first get a glass of something nice – why not? It’s Friday afternoon; the sun is over the yardarm somewhere – so that you may properly enjoy this next bit from Jake Tapper. He’s reporting on the strange inability of Barack Obama and Mike Bloomberg to publicly understand the difference between an automatic and a semi-automatic weapon:

But it might help the advocates of gun control if – in their advocacy for stricter measures – they seemed more familiar with what, exactly, they’re trying to ban. – Jake Tapper, CNN.

The funny part is? Jake’s not even a conservative. For all I know, he’s an advocate for more gun control. It’s just that he’s just not an idiot.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Yes, Mike Bloomberg actually made gun sound effects with his mouth. This is, sadly, not the most puerile thing that a gun control advocate has ever done.

2 thoughts on “Jake Tapper politely calls Barack Obama, Mike Bloomberg pig-ignorant about guns.”

  1. Well, the confusion of “semi” and “full” because they share the term “automatic” is a feature of their demagoguery, not a bug.

  2. They are not ignorant, but evil.

    Liars lie, and the general public eats it up. They confuse terms on purpose. I could confuse the issue more by correctly stating full automatic firearms are actually not banned nationally, but the fact remains the Clinton AWB was about scary semi-auto rifles, and so are the proposed Demonrat bans.

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