Marco Rubio to do Full Ginsburg… +2.

Allahpundit sums it up pretty well:

The menu for Sunday TV brunch: Marco Rubio with a side of Marco Rubio, served a la Rubio with just a sprinkling of Rubio on top. He’ll be on all five major shows this morning (“the full Ginsburg”) plus Univision plus Telemundo to sell the Gang of Eight’s new “earned amnesty.”

In case you were wondering, the full Ginsburg is named after William Ginsburg, attorney for Monica Lewinsky: he managed to appear on all five major Sunday morning political talk shows in the same day.  In 1998, this was an accomplishment; these days, it’s an opportunity to exercise some cynicism.  A look at the folks that have done this since then has shown that the maneuver has been done for a variety of reasons and causes; but Rubio’s (and, earlier, Jeb Bush) certainly upped the ante on this one.

Moe Lane

PS: As to the proposal, itself… frankly, I think that 95% of the arguments on this, pro and con, are resting on an extremely flawed premise: which is to say, we are ever going to see a return to the high levels of illegal immigration that occurred in previous decades.  You can say that I found What to Expect When No One’s Expecting‘s arguments otherwise to be highly persuasive.

One thought on “Marco Rubio to do Full Ginsburg… +2.”

  1. This seems as much like Kabuki theater as the gun grabbing attempts. In fact, I think neither are theater, we (my side) are going to lose on both in the end.

    Also, does anyone really believe opposition to another amnesty is based on the fear of overpopulation? Bueller?

    Seems to me the MSM and grievance groups are pulling Republicans around by the nose. No one has explained why it is vital and pressing that we tear up the Second Amendment, and no one has explained why it is vital and pressing that we cement Republican political doom.

    PS. no more mass illegal immigration? I guess THIS time is different, err I mean THIS TIME, no, catch that, THIS TIME!

    I am not saying I have the answers, but I AM saying these politicians don’t. Also, they have never had the guts to tell the truth of the situation to the American people. They have never had the guts to ask the American people what type of nation they want to leave to their children.

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