QotD, There Is Alas Some Swearing (And Some Pimento Cheese Heresy) edition.

OK, first read this post on how to make pimento cheese that doesn’t actually contain pimento but is apparently still the stuff. I may try this at some point, by the way.

Anyway, apparently the recipe offended a commenter.  Whereupon the author of the recipe made darn sure that said commenter was properly offended:

Nothing makes my opinion superior to yours, nor did I say my opinion is superior to yours. My pimento cheese is superior to yours, because it contains red onion and dill, and they cause it to taste better, which is what matters, not whether some rando commenter guy thinks two perfectly common, inexpensive foodstuffs are “foodie shit.” 4/15/13 10:58am

Speaking as somebody who enjoys being a troll with moderation privileges, I gotta say: that’s professionally impressive.


  • sicsemperstolidissimum says:

    Huh, it seems I still need some PDH this month with the state board of licensure for raving loons.
    1. I don’t hold with pimento cheese spread. When was younger, it was not of the two dozen foods that I ate. Now I am older, it is not part of the dozen or so.
    2. I like meatloaf. I do not eat veal, if he means ovine flesh by that.
    3. I approve of Mac and Cheese. I never had the patience for baking the stuff. I also like sticking the leftovers in the frig instead.
    4. Now that stuffing has grown on me, as I have aged, I don’t see any need for a thanksgiving food beyond that and pumpkin pie.
    5. I like candy corn.
    6. I hold with the separate and eat the filling first school of eating oreo type cookies.
    7. Yes, his methods probably do taste better. I’ve always been a bit impatient and confused when it comes to cooking.
    8. The spell checker on this website thinks licensure isn’t spelled properly, or isn’t a word. I’m pretty sure that this is wrong. This has all of no real significance.

  • Skip says:

    Eh, I probably wouldn’t have made it past the political ranting at the beginning to even see the recipe if you hadn’t linked it, but the rando commenter is right, you don’t get to call it pimento cheese if it has no pimentos. Especially since you can just buy the canned pimentos at the grocery store.

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