What was the most barking-mad insane moment of today’s #benghazi hearing?

For me, it was probably this one. Via Twitchy:

Seriously, what. The. HELL?

Moe Lane

PS: Darrell Issa gets extra points for calling Gerry Connolly a glad-handling suckweasel there, at the end.

3 thoughts on “What was the most barking-mad insane moment of today’s #benghazi hearing?”

  1. Why yes, they are openly offering a bribe. Since nothing is going to be done to her or any of the people responsible for what happened in Libya, what does she have to lose by being open about it?

    1. she sounded like she wanted the decision immediately, so he could get on a plane out of DC tonight.

  2. Oh wow. I thought it an odd question, but the idea it was a bribe didn’t even cross my mind. Good catch there Moe.
    And here I thought I became really cynical of late, but now I realized I have a way to go to get to your level.

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