Tom Coburn casually mentions a #benghazi minefield.

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you leak something.

As in, you tell somebody that there’s something in a particular bloc of testimony that’s important, only you can’t talk about it at all, so never mind. Because, of course, that always works to keep people uninterested.

2 thoughts on “Tom Coburn casually mentions a #benghazi minefield.”

  1. The thing is no one cares. The more I watch this the more angry I get that no one cares.

    1. I don’t accept that, earlgrey.
      Many people aren’t *aware* of what happened .. because this is all taking place behind a media blackout screen….
      This makes Coburn’s not-a-leak all the more interesting .. what’ he’s doing is playing the fourth estates’ hunger to be the story against the second estates’ need to keep this blacked out.
      I’ve said before that I think Team Barry are playing for time .. they want this to all spill out *after* Memorial Day, when the low-information types go on summer holiday.
      I’m not convinced, at this point, that the low information types are as able to tune out .. lowered budgets and “funemployment” are likely to keep ears more grounded than in a normal year.

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