All right, I admit it: advertising works.

So I saw this ad a few days ago8.

Fast forward to this afternoon: we’re at the liquor store, and my wife reminds me that we’re out of no-need-to-treat-with-respect rum**.  I remembered the ad.  I said, That works.

So does advertising.

Moe Lane

*I actually would not mind a vacation there for a couple of days

**Treat-with-respect rum does not get mixed with various flavors of Coke.  The more philistine the flavor, the better: I don’t consider a rum drink a success until it causes an increased risk of aneurysms in overly snooty hard alcohol experts, at twenty paces.

3 thoughts on “All right, I admit it: advertising works.”

  1. I only drink rum when I’m drinking Cuba Libres while playing Junta with my friends…
    …but the next time that happens, I will remember…

  2. OK, that ad was funny and very well-done. Going to have to keep those folks in mind the next time I’m in Mt. Airy.

  3. I liked this. It was different. It was fun. I never drink rum, but who knows.

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