QotD, Lamar! edition.


Major news outlets in recent days have reported that U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is raising money from the private sector—including from health-care executives—for use by a private entity that is helping to implement ObamaCare. The entity, Enroll America, is run by a former White House aide.

The Washington Post quoted an HHS spokesman last week saying, “We requested additional money [from Congress] . . . but we didn’t receive any additional funding for the exchanges. So we had to come up with Plan B.”

My immediate thought was: Isn’t “Plan B” what got Oliver North in trouble during the 1980s?


Moe Lane

PS: Lama… Senator Alexander is correct, by the way.

*That’s some Old School snark there, ya, you betcha. So Old School that I don’t even remember what it was originally about. Suffice it to say that pretty much every person I know who has been doing this for a… geez, a decade now… more or less automatically will go “Lamar!” when prompted.



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  1. As a Tennessean, IIRC, I think it comes from his Governor’s campaign – his signs said LAMAR!

    1. Right politician, wrong campaign…
      Thinking it started with Lamar!’s presidential campaign in 1996… tag line was something like “Y’all come on along”.

      1. You might be right. I am probably confusing it with his plaid shirt/truck drive across TN. He went from Mountain City to Memphis (not an unimpressive retail politicking feat considering the distance is about the same as Chicago to Memphis).

        1. I think that was a recycle of material from his ’96 primary run… or vice versa.
          I remember ’96 because Lamar! was ridiculously, blatantly obviously posing – the flannel, the faux-folksy rhetoric…
          Not sure if he could have taken Bubba Clinton .. I suspect he’d have done better than Dole, though. Seems less likely to have let Perot shift around on him.

          1. oh he absolutely did the flannel & truck thing in his 1978 run for governor. This was like posing to the nth degree, he recycled it in the 90’s. Unfortunately for him his opponent was not Jake Butcher.

  2. Nice that he is pursuing this, but he’s still a horrible Senator and no friend of the tea party.

    1. Horrible? How many women have died in the back of his car? How many times have we caught him taking bribes from the Arabs? He is a Meh senator, admittedly because the standards for Senators are soo low…….

      Friend of the Tea Party? Haven’t seen a lot of “friendly” behavior from the Tea Party. Heck, I’m old enough to remember their first incarnation, Porkbusters, which gave the Democrats control of Congress and put us into the current mess. I also remember how much the Tea Party has talked about replacing “RINOs”. I understand, their’re trying to play hardball because they think the stakes are so high. Complaining that the people they are attacking aren’t “friendly”, are attacking back? The height of arrogance. Leave that level of petty to Obama…..

      1. Yes, how dare we insist that our representatives stand for something other than accruing personal power.

        1. Rather my point. Lamar! is a far better public servant then any Democrat I can think of (Old Joe is no Democrat, not anymore…..). Making the Perfect the enemy of the Good (or at least adequate) is a really dumb idea, and alas, one Republicans are prone to. It gave control of Congress to the Democrats in 2006. How did that work out for you?

          1. We have a Constitution. It limits the federal government.
            That Lamar! does not violate the Constitution as flagrantly as most Democrats (or John McCain of evil fame) is not a feather in his cap.
            The oath he took is to not violate it at all.
            Funny that you’d categorize Lamar! as a “public servant” though. He’s just another panjandrum. That’s not laudable. He doesn’t even approach Good, and as he wishes to reign over us, he is the enemy.
            If our civilization is to fall into a totalitarian hell, best it happen quickly. Before people have a chance to get accustomed to “the new normal”.

          2. Yep, another “Real Republican”(TM) pushing for a Totalitarian Hell, because “That’ll teach em!”. That’s what I’m pushing against, Earlgray. These guys are just as crazy as the Democrats. Hoping for Revolution (Never mind that no Revolution in the last what, four hundred years has worked out (We were not a Revolution, we were a Secession) , because it will work this time (“Real Communism has never been tried!” is the Democrats counterpart to this idiot thought).

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