So, Eric Holder. It’s Friday morning.

Soon, it will be Friday afternoon.

Just wanted to check in, here.

Moe Lane

PS: By the way: I need a seven letter word ending in Y that means “willfully making a false statement during a judicial proceeding.”  Can you help me out there, Eric Holder?

9 thoughts on “So, Eric Holder. It’s Friday morning.”

  1. These admin officials got to get better lawyers. Lerner essentially waives her 5th Amendment priviledge by saying she is innocent under oath (you can either assert your innocence or the 5th amendment rights but not both) and Holder flagrantly perjures himself.

  2. Long weekend, and the official summer tune-out date for Joe Sixpack and the low information voters…. This works to Obama/Holders’ advantage.
    Where it gets interesting is .. these two are both practitioners of the Chicago Way .. they have dirt on each other, they know where each others’ skeletons are buried.
    The question becomes whether Holder believes Obama can pay him off – get him a nice sinecure somewhere after he gets out of prison…
    If Holder doubts this, then things could get very, very bad for Obama.

    1. If I’m Holder I’d know no matter what Obama can offer any of Donald Trump, the Koch Brothers or Rupert Murdoch can offer more.

  3. I’ve been wondering all day what bad news this Administration is going to release this afternoon. Friday before a holiday weekend is the textbook time to release bad news (well, bad news for them).

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