Sort of scatterbrained gubernatorial observations.

I was going to write something about Lincoln Chafee’s Hail Mary conversion to Democrat, prior to the 2014 RI gubernatorial election, but this passage about something entirely different made me chuckle too much:

Psst! – Barack Obama, there IS a Democrat running for Governor in New Jersey, as Shush Walshe reports:  While President Obama played arcade games Tuesday with Gov. Chris Christie at the New Jersey shore, there was no sign of the Democrat who’s challenging Christie for governor. Instead, state Sen. Barbara Buono was reduced to tweeting, “@BuonoForNJGov It was great to meet with @BarackObama today as we cheer the shore’s re-opening: a testament to all we accomplish when we work together. -BB” (Shushannah Walshe)

The reality on the ground is, of course, that there really isn’t a Democrat running for Governor in New Jersey so much as there is a sacrificial lamb.  Barack Obama has no intention of hurting his reputation in that state by being too standoffish towards Chris Christie; besides, if Barbara Buono wanted to get the President’s enthusiastic support then she shouldn’t have made the critical error of being born a woman.

Oh, did I type that out?  Well, it’s not like Obama’s problems with women is much of a secret, anyway.

Moe Lane

PS: …What’s that?  Oh, Lincoln Chafee’s problem is that he’s maybe the most hated governor in America and if he gets into a three-way election next year he’ll be dead meat.  His only hope is to win the Democratic primary and count on enough people not being able to vote for those people to win a second term: whether that will work or not is an open question, but shoot: what’s the harm in rolling the dice?

4 thoughts on “Sort of scatterbrained gubernatorial observations.”

  1. I find it interesting that a formerly Popular Backstabbing RINO Senator, who even backstabbed other RINOS, and later became a Popular Independent Gubernatorial Candidate is now a highly unpopular Democrat Governor.Perhaps the GOP stands a chance of a pickup here. That being said I don’t actually give a crap for the Northeast with the exception of the State of New Hampshire and Maine’s lovably quirky Governor. That being said the beleaguered and oppressed Conservative minority behind the Iron Curtain is in my thoughts and Prayers.

  2. The NJ Gubernatorial Election will highlight whether or not LGBT issues are actually all that important. If continued opposition to gay marriage will hurt the Republican Party nationally it certainly should hurt a Rockefeller Republican in New Jersey. My guess is Gay Marriage is not actually all that big of a drive, but it is turning into a Wedge issue for Democrats.

  3. Of course there’s a Democrat running in NJ – there are 2 of them, just only one of them willing to claim the title.

    As far as I’m concerned the NJ election is blue on blue.

    1. Skip, Chris Christie is why it’s important to note that the words “Republican” and “Conservative” do *NOT* mean the same thing.
      You’d think people would’ve figured that out after Orange Charlie or George Bush (either) or Richard Nixon… but apparently not.

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