I stand by my Alec Baldwin Death Spiral prediction.

Because he’s being taught exactly the wrong lesson, here.  If Alec Baldwin actually does get away clean with threatening violence against homosexuals once, he will undoubtedly do so again… particularly if alcohol is involved*.  This is a long-term sort of car crash; I can wait.  I got other stuff to do, meanwhile.

But I’ll note this: over at TMZ they’ve started a file.  Because they’re surprisingly patient over there, too.

Moe Lane

*Does Alec Baldwin have a substance abuse problem?  Well, you might say that – but I couldn’t possibly comment.

3 thoughts on “I stand by my Alec Baldwin Death Spiral prediction.”

  1. If you watched the monkey chatter over at TMZ last week relating to Paula you would see a cacophony of sneers, jeers and snide cracks. Each trying to out PC the other. However if you watched Friday’s show, only Harvey and one other gay man condemned crazy Alex. I must say their web site is more critical of Bat Shi& crazy Alex. We’ll see what next week brings.

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