Hey, did you think that it was hard to detect schizophrenia in public NOW?

Just wait until this hits the mainstream:

Steve Haworth, a body modification artist, is no stranger to implanting magnets in the human body. So when Rich Lee approached him to do just that, he probably didn’t blink twice.

But what Rich Lee wanted implanted into his ears weren’t mere magnets. Instead, he wanted headphones that used magnets as speakers. The original idea (which is still cool) is having small magnets set in the ears, rendering them “invisible,” while a coil necklace with an attached amplifier hangs around the neck. But Lee wanted to go all the way, and have the magnets actually surgically embedded in his own ears.

Welcome to the future, ladies and gentlemen. Hot Air Headlines notes some of the practical problems with this in their comments sections; as for me… it’s a cute idea, but this is literally having voices inside your head.  It’s going to be hard to tell from the outside which people are the cyborgs…

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