So, for those who watched #sharknado…

…should I bother?  It appears that half the fun was listening to the rest of the country tweet about Sharknado.  Or 9/10ths.

6 thoughts on “So, for those who watched #sharknado…”

  1. Enjoying 2 headed shark more. The acting was poor and the storyline nonsense. Almost need one of those red letter media film reviews of it. The key take away is that the funny drunk John heard died but Tara Reid survived, not really fair.

  2. It wasn’t a movie. It was an event. In a movie, you need plot and acting. In an event, you need a good time.
    Yes, it was worth it!

    1. But the event is over, watching the movie as a rerun or on the DVR would not be the same

      1. I would say that is partly true. This movie promised a Tornado filled with Sharks and they delivered. They also didn’t waste time on pointless plot. Sharks started eating people from scene one and didn’t stop. It is worth watching, just to see how silly it is. The film makers knew just how silly this was and went:
        “Sharks in a Tornado? In LA? Let’s throw caution to the wind and make this epicly camp.”
        I’d buy the DVD, so there’s my endorsement.

  3. It depends on your tolerance for bad movies. Note, I don’t mean bad films like “The Core.” I mean closer to the “Birdemic: Shock and Terror ” side of the scale where pretty much every part of the production is a mess. SFX, the plot, the script, the acting, the CGI fire (really? You couldn’t do that practically?), the lack of a rain machine during long, long parts of the film…

    Anyway, if you see a film title like “Motorcross Zombies from Hell” and your first response is “Oooh. I should see that” then you’ll probably like it. If your reaction to film titles like “Killdozer” is to recoil in horror, yeah, there’s nothing here that will change your mind.

    And in purely practical terms, it’s not as good as Mega Piranha or Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus or American Warships, but it’s better than Paranormal Entity or Transmorphers.

  4. Think cheesy ’70s disaster movie, but with (slightly) better special effects.
    If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, enjoy!

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