Pat Quinn just lost the Democratic primary for IL-GOV.

It’s pretty much over, except for the shouting:

As Goddard notes, this is really, really good news for Bill Daley, and really, really bad news for Pat Quinn. Quinn’s biggest achievement thus far has been in not getting indicted for anything, which is frankly a bit of a problem for Illinois Governors at this point; his biggest hope was for a bitter, grenade-throwing primary. Unlikely to happen now.

Moe Lane

PS: Danged if I know how the general will go down; God knows that Daley as the nominee will drive GOP turnout, especially since Quinn is going to be probably more than a little bit scorched-earth-petulant at that point.

5 thoughts on “Pat Quinn just lost the Democratic primary for IL-GOV.”

  1. Quinn was always a good apparatchik, not notably great at anything other than following orders and tooting his own horn…
    This race, though, could develop an interesting fault line .. Daley is, obviously, from Chicago proper, Quinn isn’t from the city, but close enough.. and the Downstate Dems have got to be livid over their treatment of late.
    An insurgent downstate-Dem running better than expected, or at least putting some anti-corrupt-city memes in the water would be .. good.

    1. Some of those downstate Dems might want to start voting Republican? Right? I hear Rutherford is running….

  2. Will Quinn drop out before the primary? If he doesn’t then there will be war amongst the dem factions because that means the Daley machine has lost it’s power officially.

  3. I understand that if either wins, Illinois loses. However if we really like to see Illinois implode, who should we be rooting for in this race?

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