So Harry Reid prepares the Denethor option in the Senate.

Here we go.


By the way: when the GOP-controlled Senate in 2015 – and the whispers about that have already started in the Beltway – uses this to force the Democrats to eat ash for two years, please be advised that they. Were. Warned.

Moe Lane

PS: I had a total of two hours sleep last night; I’m not really geared up for anything except brutal honesty right now. And brutal honesty is making me say: the GOP will control the Senate, largely despite itself. Things are just going to get that bad.


  • BigGator5 says:

    I am actually hopeful that the Nuclear Option is used. I like to see what the Senate will look like after it comes to a full stop.

  • Catseyes says:

    Couldn’t we just build a pyre douse it with gas and hand him a torch?

  • Finrod says:

    Even Nate Silver is admitting there’s a good chance of GOP control in 2015.

  • midwestconservative says:

    LOTR reference, oh yeah, I guess the jury is out and Harry Reid has officially lost his mind. Will Chuck Schumer or Dick Durbin have the clarity to stop him? Or are they egging him on?

  • Aruges says:

    What would stop Reid from using the nuke option to change the rules to shutdown any R retaliation put forth?

    • BigGator5 says:

      Nothing short of the Hand Of God. But even then Sen. Reid might question the Hand for a few short minutes.

    • DemosthenesVW says:

      In an ideal world: the fear of what a Republican-controlled Senate would do to shut down debate and advance their own agenda in two years. An atom blaster can point both ways.
      In this world: Who knows? (Not even the Shadow…)

      • Aruges says:

        The fear of a R senate probably drives this push. Best to do it now while they still have the chance for the rest of O’s term. The Unions MUST be paid for their efforts.

  • earlgrey says:

    Would our favorite gang member–John McCain go along with making the Senate eat it on the filibuster. I am not so sure he would.

  • Randomized says:

    Heh, if this was some sort of high fantasy world I could just imagine the monologue of the Senate majority leader…

    The ancient wizard raised a brow, “You say that I am a hypocrite for casting the spell”. As I opened my mouth to retort he raised his hand, “Silence! I know your objection. What you don’t understand is that we were never against the spell, nor its effects. It is more important to determine who chants the incantation.”

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