The Washington Post’s #Obamacare… Freudian Slip? Kinsley Gaffe?

Whatever it is, it’s kind of funny:


What makes it even funnier is ‘deadliness’ may even be more apropos than ‘deadlines,’ here.  After all, there is an entire generation of political appointees right now glumly realizing that this stupid health care rationing law has carved an extremely awkward eight year period right in the middle of their CVs: even if the Obama administration does manage to get enough functionality on the exchanges to prevent future electoral loses the damage to existing elected Democrats has been done.  Particularly on the state level.

I would mock the Democrats further on this, but I am very tired today.

One thought on “The Washington Post’s #Obamacare… Freudian Slip? Kinsley Gaffe?”

  1. I’ve always resented and can’t seem to get around the fact that the very woman in charge of this new health care mess looks very much like the essence of death.

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