I think that the New York Post may not entirely like Eliot Spitzer.

Call it a hunch:

We urge New Yorkers to put an end to this awful reality show by voting for Scott Stringer in the Democratic primary [for Comptroller]. Yes, we know: Ordinarily, the New York Post would not be thumping for a candidate whose other endorsements range from the teachers union and the Working Families Party to Gloria Steinem. And we still reserve the right to offer a different endorsement in the general election.

But Stringer is a sober, honest man who understands how the city works and how important the job of comptroller is. He is not hellbent on crusading against Wall Street, settling personal political vendettas or ripping up the rule book — instead, he aims to do what the office requires, and do it well.

These are not ordinary times, and this is no ordinary election. The Post endorses Scott Stringer because in a race between an Upper West Side liberal and a hotheaded, hooker-chasing, office-abusing, self-promoting, lawbreaking, ego-obsessed “steamroller” who still has trouble admitting he ever did anything wrong [Eliot Spitzer], it should be no contest.

Hell of a thing, that.  Even more so if Spitzer wins the nomination and then the election; you probably don’t want to be involved in NYC’s fiscal atmosphere if that happens.

Moe Lane