New Robocop trailer!

Doesn’t look like it sucks utterly, so far.

Also: Michael Keaton got some work! That’s nice; I was actually starting to worry.

Moe Lane

Via Do-Gooder Press.

PS: Man, they really cleaned up Detroit there, huh?

6 thoughts on “New Robocop trailer!”

  1. General rule number one for Cyberpunk style games- Do not try to take a Cybered human in hand to hand combat, it always ends badly. Mass versus muscle mass always wins- holds true in the real world too.

    1. Agreed.
      The remake looks like it has the same “Evil Corporation” political message, but the orignal had the same message and it actually worked in the two movies. However it didn’t beat you over the head with this message, mainly because a drug dealing criminal was the main antagonist in the two movies, not OCP. For the record, there is no RoboCop 3.

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