Joe Biden is probably secretly grateful that Charlie Wilson is dead.

Jammie Wearing Fools sums the situation up nicely:

…blithering idiot Joe Biden last night declared he was going to say something outrageous and followed through in his inimitable style by calling Republicans neanderthals.

We can only imagine the shocked face on Democrats when Republicans don’t roll over for Obama when he needs their votes for his Syrian folly.

…but I will add this: since Joe Biden is so pumped about the Violence Against Women Act, I’m wondering where I can find where Joe Biden ripped into the notorious wife-beater (and now deceased) former Congressman Charlie Wilson of Ohio*.  He would have had an excellent opportunity to do that, given that Biden went to Wilson’s former district to make a stump speech at the same time that the former Congressman was unsuccessfully trying to get his seat back; but for some strange reason I can’t find Biden’s no-doubt righteously indignant attacks on Wilson.

Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Joe Biden is politically opposed to wife-beaters (more accurately, he’s politically opposed to people that he thinks that he can get away with calling wife-beaters Neanderthals), sure: but when it comes to confessed wife-beaters in his own party? …Well, apparently there are times when you can get Joe Biden to shut up.  Not the time that I would have picked: but then I’m a Republican, and we have, well, standards.

Moe Lane

*Not the patriot from Texas.