Brian Holloway can use social media, too.

Here are some rules for the new millennium.

  • Do not break into somebody’s home for a party.
  • If you do break into somebody’s home, do not drink and do drugs.
  • If you drink and do drugs, do not do massive amounts of property damage.
  • If you do do massive amounts of property damage, do not – and this is the important one – DO NOT TRANSMIT VIDEO EVIDENCE OF YOUR ACTIVITIES ALL ACROSS SOCIAL MEDIA.

Parents of the hundreds of teens who broke into and destroyed former NFLer Brian Holloway’s upstate vacation home are threatening to sue him for outing their brats on Twitter — saying he’s spoiling their chances of getting into college.

(More here) Ooh, yeah, that’s a good one:

  • If you get caught transmitting video evidence of your activities all across social media, do not expect any kind of sympathy when the guy that you’re vandalizing makes damned sure that this gets even more wildly disseminated.

And one extra:

  • Parents?  Be parents, please.  Not hotel concierges.


Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “Brian Holloway can use social media, too.”

  1. Out of some 200+ young adults, only one parent had their child be directly involved in the clean up process for this event. I know that it had to be a difficult experience for that young person, but that parent succeeded where all the other parents failed. They helped their child learn what is one of the most significant lessons a person can learn in life…that actions have consequences.

  2. Jeeze, if only those defective parents would sue! They’d quickly learn the meaning of the words “Streisand Effect” …

  3. Most of those kids are going to jail, not college, and I’d say that’s a damn good place for the vicious little punks.

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