Why the homeschooling situation in America is different than it is in Germany.

While I am fully in agreement that it would be bad for Germany’s attitudes towards home schooling (they hate it, and are apparently prepared to shoot children over it*) to be replicated in the United States, there is fortunately at least one thing that’s different here: home schooling is not exclusively practiced among the Right. The Unitarians**, for example, are pretty friendly on the concept. In fact, religion is not the primary reason given for homeschooling in this country (H/T Breitbart)…


Don’t get me wrong: religious issues, and how they relate to the public school curriculum, still loom large in many people’s decision to homeschool.  But concerns about the schools themselves apparently loom larger.

Moe Lane

*From the article:

A Nazi-era law, still in force today, mandates that all German children attend a school teaching the state curriculum. In the court order authorizing the raid, the judge signed off on use of force “against the children” if necessary, noting that the children had “adopted the parents’ opinions” regarding home schooling.

So take it up with them.

**My wife’s UU.

3 thoughts on “Why the homeschooling situation in America is different than it is in Germany.”

  1. Wow, dissatisfaction with the environment (peers) and educational standards easily outweigh religion .. and environment trumps everything else. Interesting.
    I find the UU’s interesting as well, mostly because of their perseverance with rite and ritual when so many other outfits are replacing choirs and rituals with rock bands and guys in bluejeans who “can relate”…
    Not that there’s anything particularly “right” or “wrong” with any of the above, it’s just .. interesting.
    p.s. So, in the case of that family who tried to come here for “the right to homeschool their kids”, it really was a “for the children” argument, huh? Lapdog media didn’t bark at that, did it?

  2. Jebus — the judge authorized the use of force against children for HAVING OPINIONS HE DISLIKES.
    Dear Germans — you might want to do something about him.

  3. Okay, y’all will just have to excuse me while I fist pump for a minute or so.
    I’ve been trying to get it through to some folks that the quality of education is more important than it might seem to be…an up and coming social issue, if you want to think of it that way.
    It feels good to have my instincts affirmed once in a while.

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