In the mail: “Castle: The Complete First Season.”

Mind you, actually getting¬†Castle: The Complete First Season to play on my computer was a chore.¬† Can somebody tell me why Windows 8 decided that I didn’t want to watch DVDs on my desktop anymore?

It’s the little things about this OS that annoy.


Moe Lane

[UPDATE]: I… don’t know why I thought any of you would care about this, sorry.

8 thoughts on “In the mail: “Castle: The Complete First Season.””

  1. Just wait until you have a game problem and you have to find out if it’s windows 8 or the windows 7 emulator in windows 8 that’s giving you the headache.

  2. It’s your blog, you’re certainly allowed to complain about anything that bothers you. In fact I encourage people to openly complain about Windows, myself.

  3. Don’t apologize. I’m curious to hear the answer, myself.
    (Not that I watch movies on the computer. Too much ADD, too little impulse control.)

  4. I ran over my PC with my car and had to get a new one, upgraded from an Acer with Windows 7 to an Asus with Windows 8. Playing DVDs on my PC is far more difficult then ever before, I blame Microsoft. The tiles are a piece of crap.

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