@BarackObama attacks the right of workers to strike. …Wait, WHAT?

Apparently the labor union movement has been deemed to be nonessential government employees:

“If a worker shut down a manufacturing plant until they got what they wanted, they’d be fired.” …Wow. It’s not every day that a Republican gets to stick up for the right of the working man to strike for better pay and working conditions. Makes you wonder whether Barack Obama’s feeling nostalgic for the days when you could just send in the Pinkertons to take care of uppity malcontents…

Via @RBPundit, who notes:

And the AFL-CIO probably does disagree; only they’re not going to say so, because they’re siding with management instead of their own workers. Hey, isn’t there a word for that?

4 thoughts on “@BarackObama attacks the right of workers to strike. …Wait, WHAT?”

  1. In the same speech, he also played the Soc Sec card wrt the debt ceiling. What he said demonstrated his ignorance of budgets and trust funds and / or his penchant for fear mongering.

    1: Old Age, Survivor, Disability Income (OASDI) taxes must either be paid as benefits or “deposited” into trust funds.
    2: Federal trust funds consist solely of government IOUs and are therefore part of the national debt.
    3: If you collect OASDI taxes without paying benefits, you increase the amount in their trust funds and hence the total federal debt which would be a violation of one of the laws of our land.
    4: You would have zero impact on the amount of total debt by redeeming trust fund IOUs by substituting them for other forms of debt in order to play benefits.

    Therefore, NOT paying these benefits would violate the debt ceiling limit.


    “In a government shutdown, Social Security checks still go out on time. In an economic shutdown — if we don’t raise the debt ceiling — they don’t go out on time,” Obama said. “In a government shutdown, disability benefits still arrive on time. In an economic shutdown, they don’t.”

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