So, apparently Germans really, really dig “Country Roads.”

Yeah, the song that John Denver sand.  I’m not exactly sure why that is, and neither is anybody else.

For decades, Danoff’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” — a 1971 hit for John Denver — has been a sing-along favorite at Munich’s Oktoberfest, a nostalgic touchstone bound to bring Germans to their feet whenever it’s played.

Why? “I have no idea,” [Bill] Danoff, 67, told us. “I’ve never been to Germany” — though he’d never been to West Virginia either before he wrote his ode to the Mountain State.

Ask German natives why they get misty-eyed over a song about the Shenandoah and Blue Ridge, what cultural resonance they find in it, and you’ll get a quizzical stare: It’s a really good song, don’t you think?

After the fold: video of Germans losing their minds (to quote the article) upon hearing the song.

…Look, I don’t to rehash old history here, so can we all agree that this is a perfectly acceptable and accurate definition of ‘losing your mind over a song’ and just keep going?

Moe Lane

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6 thoughts on “So, apparently Germans really, really dig “Country Roads.””

  1. I think my favorite cover is by Toots & the Maytals, wherein the “place I belong” – at least in the live version – is “West Jamaica”.

  2. As long as they’re not losing their minds to the “Horst Wessel Lied”, I’m good…

  3. I can only hope my girls embrace that version of “losing their minds” as they get older.

  4. One does not attempt to explain what happens at Oktoberfest. Germans live in a very controlled environment. There are two exceptions to this: (1) The Autobahn, and (2) Oktoberfest.

  5. Back in the day, my folks had an 8-track of An Evening With John Denver. I still kinda have a soft spot for this album even now, although it’s really been years (well, decades, really) since I’ve heard the whole thing. I think Denver was one of those guys that really did his bet work in a live performance situation. Here’s the opening track.


    Anyway, check it out. And if you find yourself tapping your foot or singing along, it’ll be our secret.

  6. I like the Jason & The Scorchers cover of it myself.
    I should point out that the Germans are nuts over country & western music and cowboy stuff in general; one of their most popular authors is a guy named Karl May who made serious bank writing Westerns.

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