Some free advice for liberals and progressives. No, really. #obamacare

I offer it because I know none of them will take it, so here goes: the Left thinks it has a love affair with technocracy.  What it actually has is an intensely dysfunctional relationship that involves lit cigarette ends. Stuff like this

The federal agency in charge of the exchanges signed agreements this summer with several e-brokers to sell health plans in the 36 states where the feds are running the new individual marketplaces. But the online brokers, eager to tap a new market of people who’ll qualify for federal subsidies, learned shortly before the Oct. 1 launch that they wouldn’t be able to offer exchange plans right away.

The brokers say the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services didn’t act fast enough to let them integrate their websites with the IT systems supporting the federal insurance marketplaces. They hope to get everything linked up with the feds in the coming weeks.

(Via Hot Air) …is why a lot of people laugh sourly at the very phrase “government efficiency.”  Seriously, the Left would be better off embracing the essential inefficiency and utter wastefulness of its ideology, and stop trying to pretend that their leading intellectual lights can be trusted with running a lemonade stand.  It’d be more honest, really.

Moe Lane

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  1. You want to know the really scary part of this, Moe? That’s the health insurance side of Obamacare. The health care side is trending in the same direction.

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