Cover Oregon down to enrolling by hand; next step, parchment and quills. #obamacare

I kind of feel sorry for Cover Oregon: those stupid songs put and kept them on my radar.  But, really, this is not a good sign:

With the state’s online health insurance exchange still not able to enroll people, Cover Oregon officials have turned to processing forms by hand rather than electronically.

On Tuesday, Cover Oregon staff began processing eligibility applications manually as a first step prior to helping people get enrolled in either a government program or the commercial insurance of their choice.

The applications are a backup plan to what was intended to be the exchange’s online enrollment function. Applications will now be considered by Cover Oregon employees, rather than its website, to determine if people qualify for the Oregon Health Plan, tax credits to reduce premiums, or other government assistance.

They’re pretty much tacitly admitting with this that it’s going to be a while until they get the website functioning again. Although ‘again’ may be me being overly kind to Cover Oregon.  Hey, as I said, I kind of feel bad about hitting them all the time.  Plenty of stupidity going around in this misbegotten Obamacare rollout…

Moe Lane