Spanish-language version of #Obamacare delayed, yet again.

September 27, 2013:

In another delay for the Affordable Care Act, White House officials quietly told Hispanic groups on Wednesday that the Spanish-language version of the website will not be ready to handle online enrollments until mid-October.


“NBC news is also learning that the government is not going to be rolling out the Spanish enrollment tool of on Monday or next week. It was initially expected to be rolling out some time next week; HHS is telling us that, at the moment there is no expected rollout date.”

And there we learn the value of experience. Prior to October 1st, clearly not enough people in this administration understood just how much of a rolling disaster on stilts the Obamacare launch was going to be (reminder: the rest of us did), so they were still doing politically stupid things like actually give a firm deadline. Now they’re just admitting that the feature’s down, and they’re not going to say when they think that the feature is going to be up again. Which is better for Barack Obama’s PR, but not so good for somebody with poor English language skills who is trying to actually get insurance*.

And, of course, they’re taking down the main site again for part of this weekend, too.  But that’s hardly news.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Plenty of US citizens in that situation. I kind of like the idea of encouraging them to blame the people actually responsible for their problems, instead of blaming us. Other people’s mileage may, as the saying goes, vary.

4 thoughts on “Spanish-language version of #Obamacare delayed, yet again.”

  1. Mind you, I’m a dumb engineer who doesn’t know jack about politics, but here’s my prediction none-the-less: ObamaCare will always be with us. Despite the current debacle, and deadlines, and increased cost, and everything else, enough Obama-supporters will enroll and get the program to critical-mass so that it can never be repealed for the same reasons that no politician will touch Social Security. Besides, most Republicans LIKE big government programs, and want the media to like them for liking big government programs. But the media will down-play the short comings of ObamaCare while simultaneously blaming the Republicans for aforementioned shortcomings, and get away with as always. And Obama, being Obama, will issue a royal decree here, an executive order there, and keep pushing that snowball down the hill until – WA-LA! – it’s rolling on it’s own, growing bigger and bigger, crushing young Obama supporters and old Obama supporters and the budget and everything else. But, you see, it’s a worthy sacrifice for his supporters, because this will pave the way for single-payer or reduced CO2 emissions or free phones for everyone or something. And it’s Obama’s legacy we’re talking about, so these Obama supporters won’t complain, at least not publicly.
    So all the posts about the ObamaCare “train wreck”, while entertaining, temporarily distract us from the truth: our country is so screwed. And now Republicans are talking about immigration reform … I’d laugh but would probably cry instead. So like one poster mentioned earlier: I think I’ll just sit back and watch it all burn.

  2. If you want to compete on the dumb scale Jetty your going to have to go up against me, I once pulled a wooden baton on a Lynx worked out OK tho I had noticed him before he noticed me and cats get real skittish around humans who can surprise them at night in the woods and are willing to fight.
    I disagree O’bamacare will die the foul death as the individual health insurance market goes into a death spiral of too many very sick people and not enough healthy young people to make up the losses. Not sure how badly it will jack up healthcare providers but just what I’ve seen this year in the differences in amounts with cash for service versus insurance, well just check out what the discount is for cash on the barrelhead next time you see a Doctor. There is a big difference. They are already starting to adapt to the new environment, even if the government isn’t.
    When O’bamacare collapses there will be no big push for single payer, the Feds screwed it up to badly for anyone to trust them a second time.

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