Rejoice, o Beltway party hostesses: @barackobama will be sticking around.


Obama has raised the possibility that he might remain a resident of the capital after his lease on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. expires in January 2017.

In an interview this week with Barbara Walters of ABC News, Obama and the first lady, Michelle, said they may live in Washington beyond their time in the White House to allow their younger daughter, Sasha, to graduate from Sidwell Friends School.

…and then they will come to your parties! ALL OF THEM. And expect to be treated like a former President and First Lady is.  EVERY SINGLE TIME. And you will have to accommodate the extra security arrangements! WITHOUT FAIL.

Isn’t that the most wonderful exciting entertaining news ever!?!  You get to have Barack Obama!


Moe Lane

PS: Me? I don’t care; I don’t invited to Beltway cocktail parties.

PPS: For the benefit of pro-Obama drive-bys: believe it or not, but US Presidents in point of fact have a sell-by date.  Most are smart enough to get the heck out of Dizzy City after their terms and work out a dinner party circuit schedule that doesn’t leave people sick of the sight of them.

5 thoughts on “Rejoice, o Beltway party hostesses: @barackobama will be sticking around.”

  1. He hates the socializing now, I doubt that will change. I suspect that he will spend his time giving speeches and relaxing just like now

  2. Funny, I was wondering just how much the DNC will like the ongoing competition from OFA ..
    Not that OFA have proven any good at electing any candidate not named Barack Obama, of course…

  3. Obama definitely seems more “Washington” then previous Presidents. Maybe it’s because he never really did anything for Illinois other then use it as a launching pad for his presidential run. I mean the guy won 70% of the vote because he was running against the black Santorum from Maryland.
    How often has Obama even visited IL during his tenure?
    I mean Bush (who’s family is Washington through and through) always, ALWAYS, was identified with and (somewhat) beloved in Texas.
    Reagan was always Identified with California, and Clinton was always identified with Arkansas ( even after moving to NY)

  4. In all honesty where are they going to build Obama’s POTUS Library? Illinois?
    What does Obama poll in IL? It isn’t a fluke that Obama’s seat is currently held by a Republican. A Republican who despite being in the Minority has done far more for IL then Obama did during a similar timespan.

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