9 thoughts on “This is… just a little macabre.”

  1. It’s the ant-y equivalent of nuking the site from orbit…it’s the only way to be sure.

  2. Having made the unfortunate acquaintance of fire ants while living in the South, I support this.
    If anything, it’s much too kind. Those things are evil.

  3. Not really having an issue with this as a method for eradicating vermin. And I saw how much he’s selling those sculptures for. It’s a good business.

  4. I take it you’ve never had ants coming into your house, Moe? That’ll cure you of any lingering sympathy right quick.

    We had such a situation a few years ago. Repeated cleanings and setting out poison did not make any observable difference. Finally found the anthill, doused it with bleach, and hey presto, no more ants.

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