Chewing through “The Third World War: A Narrative History.”

Just finished the first book of the three, and done in the style of a future academic treatise on a future-to-us, well, Third World War.  The Third World War: A Narrative History is pretty good*, although it’s already alternate-history at this point** (Barack Obama didn’t need a third-party candidate to win in 2012, we didn’t take the Senate back, and Obamacare is nowhere to be seen).  It’s pretty lively reading, and seven bucks for all three books is pretty good.  Check them out.

Moe Lane

*The ratings for the compilation are considerably lower than for each individual volume, largely because of two one-stars by people who have – I suspect accurately – concluded that author Adam Yoshida probably thinks that they’re dolts for still so uncritically liking Barack Obama.  Alas, they then bolster his argument via the use of poor grammar and spelling.  Folks, when you’re representing for Team Jackass (or Team Elephant, for that matter), make sure that you’re at least coming across as being literate.

**The books were written before the 2012 election.

One thought on “Chewing through “The Third World War: A Narrative History.””

  1. Adam Yoshida? That’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. I used to play online political/government simulations with that guy (wherein you create yourself as a politician, try to pass legislation, write press releases and speeches, and generally try to get yourself elected). A pretty sharp fellow who liked to really engage in outside of the box thinking.

    And yes, your suspicions about his general feelings to those who like Barack Obama would be very accurate.

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