@SonnyBunch gives the whole game away…

…when it comes to the global warming crowd:

One of my smaller pleasures in life is joking during winter that, by now, I was promised flying cars and global warming. If you haven’t noticed, it’s really cold out! Where’s all this global warming that was supposed to deliver us from 7 degree weather? We’ve been bamboozled. Etc.

Whenever one makes a joke like this, the super serial types get super serial, put their scolding hats on, and start shaking their fingers. “Don’t do that! Just because it’s cold out, that doesn’t mean global warming isn’t real! The temps are going up! Dogs and cats, living together! Sputter sputter sputter!” See, for instance, this. Or this far less literate take (BOROWITZ WARNING). And that’s why these jokes are so fun to make. The global warming alarmists are the easiest people to troll in the entire world. You don’t even have to make a particularly good or original joke to set them off. Just say “Man, this cold weather sure does disprove global warming,” sit back, and watch the fireworks.

Some people just can’t seem to take a joke, it seems. Mind you, it’s going to just get worse for our dear disaster-porn addicts over there on the Left; all those eco-collapse science fiction movies and books that got written when I was younger are about to hit their target dates. To give just one example: Soylent Green was supposed to happen in 2022 – eight years from now. I mention this because pointing that out seems to irritate a certain type of zealot even more than noting that Paul Ehrlich has spent his entire career getting things wrong…

2 thoughts on “@SonnyBunch gives the whole game away…”

  1. I make that joke all the time. But most of the people I interact with either laugh because they’re my friends and they humor me or they do nothing because the joke isn’t actually that funny.

    The fun is in pushing certain buttons

  2. My scholastic background is Geology, and I love pointing out that for the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory to be true, then the science of Geology would have to be completely and utterly untrue, as the underlying assumption it’s founded upon would be false.
    Then I get to antagonize them as “anti-science”, ask pointed questions about how this revelation effects the Theory of Evolution, and compare them unfavorably to Young Earth Creationists.
    They don’t like it.

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