CNN Money is apparently a wizzo #obamacare Navigator.

Sorry, but that’s the impression that I got from this article (via Instapundit), which to its credit is a reasonable attempt to describe just how bad it can get out there for people trying to use their shiny new Obamacare policies. Spoiler warning: confusion and delay, my friends. Confusion and delay.

Many folks who signed up for coverage through the state and federal exchanges are running into roadblocks now that they are trying to use their new benefits. And though exchange officials and insurers have urged consumers to call their insurers if they encounter problems, many say they either wait endlessly on hold or get the runaround. Coverage for the first wave of Obamacare applicants took effect Jan. 1.

The good news? The name “CNN Money” is a powerful magic talisman that apparently can expedite ANY case. Bad news? CNN Money isn’t actually in the Obamacare navigation business. Guess the people who missed out on a media interview will just have to suffer.

Moe Lane