While I *generally* don’t consider dKos to be worth a p*sshole in the snow…

…David Nir’s work is actually quite reliably good (too good, in fact, for dKos*). Solid, even: Nir largely keeps his politics out of his political calculations, which is refreshing. A shame that he’s never going on to anything better, but that’s not precisely something keeping me up nights anyway.

Anyway, David Nir’s first look at the 2014 House rankings is up; and you will find them highly entertaining reading**. Particularly the comments, which keep falling back on the narrative of gerrymandering like a comforting Friendly Friend that will never betray them…



Moe Lane

*Mind you, I assume that the pay is good for David, which probably would make up for a lot. But it’s been a long time since the name ‘dKos’ put fear into anybody’s heart, honestly.

**Executive summary: Democrats are f*cked in the House.  They got 39 Dems in play, 34 GOP; 26 Dems at risk, 13 GOP, and 10 Dems in trouble, 4 GOP.  This is not compatible with the Democrats taking the House back.  This is not compatible with Democrats gaining seats.  This is compatible with Democrats losing seats… but you knew that already.

6 thoughts on “While I *generally* don’t consider dKos to be worth a p*sshole in the snow…”

    1. I used to do that, but the comments were so surreal that I felt like I was doing acid or something. So I quit visiting liberal sites.

      1. You should visit liberal sites. It’s not good for you to get the same point-of-view all the time. It is also nice to know what they are actually thinking/saying. I sometimes tweet artices by liberals. Sure it’s mostly dribble, but Sun Tzu said it best:
        “Know your enemy and know yourself. and you can fight a thousand battles without disaster.”

  1. It’s also interesting to read “maybe if they didn’t run on Republican lite”
    Yeah, Democrats use Right-Wing rhetoric all the time *eye roll*
    Democrats won in 06 and 08 by running as Centrists. They then governed as Progressives and got slapped down in 2010. GOP ran as hardcore Conservative in 2010 and won big, they ran on incumbency and won big, meanwhile Dems failed to take the House while running as Progressives.

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