LA Times: It may not be entirely inaccurate to suggest that @barackobama is radioactive in North Carolina.

The funny part about this LA Times article is that the article was in full apology mode for Barack Obama.  Which makes this… the best that they can do about Obama’s travails in North Carolina (and, more importantly, Kay Hagan’s):

… it’s not difficult to find evidence of Obama’s sunken stature here. After month of news about the troubled rollout of the Affordable Care Act, it is easy to find conservative Democrats who bemoan the core of the law — the individual insurance mandate — and it is even easier to find Obama supporters quick to express disbelief that the president botched his signature law.

“They bungled it! They bungled it! They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory!” said Erv Portman, owner of an airplane parts manufacturer in Apex, who welcomed Obama to his plant in 2011.

Ouch. Of course, it couldn’t happen to a nicer political party, bless their hearts.

5 thoughts on “LA Times: It may not be entirely inaccurate to suggest that @barackobama is radioactive in North Carolina.”

  1. Have North Carolinians learned, now that they’ve been given what they want, good and hard?

    1. It’s funny how people hate when that happens.

      I had a progressive friend–you could probably fairly call him a red diaper baby, even though he was born in 1970–who was always backing tax increases, especially on the rich. One day he bemoaned to me how his home state, New York, was “paying the bills for about 5 other states” or whatever absurd way of talking about how New Yorkers pay more in taxes than they get back in benefits, and he was really unhappy when I pointed out that he got exactly what he wants when he was always talking about paying higher taxes.

  2. I’d like to ask the airline parts manufacturer just exactly what was bungled, and what defeat was snatched from the “jaws” of victory? The law’s requirements haven’t changed since the day it was passed (except for some delays of the more politically damaging issues), it is doing exactly what it was designed to do…make people purchase plans that are far more costly, deliver less care, and limit access to healthcare – so as people finally find out the negative impact Obamacare has, touching the very core of their lives (affecting their wellbeing) – they’re not happy campers.

    Guess the manufacturer didn’t read the fine print…

    1. Nope, the manufacturer listened to the campaign speechifying.
      “If you like your {blank}, you can keep your {blank}, and we’ll cover those other poor schmucks who don’t have a {blank}, and we’ll do it at no additional cost!”
      I would not buy *anything* manufactured by someone who hasn’t figured out TANSTAAFL.

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