“Blind” fraud with a speedboat! …Sentenced verrrrrrryyyyyyy sloooooowwwllllyyy…

No, that’s not a Doppler shift.

The title says it all: ‘Blind’ Man Caught in Disability Fraud After Seen Driving a Speed Boat.  Normally, I’d just have tweeted this – this is what Twitter is for – but this passage caught my eye.

During a review at an SSA office in 2008, [Wisconsin native Lawrence] Popp told his benefits counselor he “could not read small print, couldn’t bowl without bumpers used by children and couldn’t work.”

Federal agents then recorded Popp walking back to his car and driving away.

On first glance, that’s a beautiful one-two.  On second glance… 2008?  That’s going on six years ago. What the heck were the feds waiting for, an engraved invitation?

Via Drudge.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, I understand that this was the sentencing, not the arrest or trial:

Popp pleaded guilty to the federal charges last March. As he awaited sentencing, agents continued to investigate, recording him loading a truck and driving a water-ski boat over the summer.

Still, it appears that the wheels of justice are not so much grinding slowly as they have been caught in a… you know, I simply do not know enough about physics to make a joke about time dilation.  I should stick to things that I’m relatively better at, like awful puns.

2 thoughts on ““Blind” fraud with a speedboat! …Sentenced verrrrrrryyyyyyy sloooooowwwllllyyy…”

  1. Given the recent revelations about how secret service agents like to party, I’d suggest something about the wheels of justice getting tangled up in rubber sheets…
    *physics reference courtesy XKCD

  2. It’s not in the feral government’s interest to reduce the cost of Social Security, so it’s not in their interest to prosecute fraud.

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