Henry Waxman (D, California) cuts and runs.

In the middle of something right now, but I am not going to let this pass without a hearty Don’t let the door hit you in the a*s on your way out, you miserable so-and-so.  Doesn’t matter who replaces him; it’s a step up.

13 thoughts on “Henry Waxman (D, California) cuts and runs.”

  1. At the rate the old Dem ROUSes* are retiring, we’re gonna have to identify a whole new level of rats.
    * Classical reference plus insult.

  2. “Doesn’t matter who replaces him; it’s a step up”
    Moe, I feel it my duty to remind you of the other ‘excellent’ reps sent by Califubar, i.e. Pelosi, Stark (now retired), and several from the L.A. area, the names of which escape me at the moment.

    I learned years ago not to say, “Things couldn’t get any worse”, after they actually DID get worse.

    1. The guy who replaced Stark, while very liberal, is an instant improvement over Stark.
      So that’s what I’m going by. Whoever replaces Waxmen will be younger, and therefore likely to not be quite as an embarrassment.

      1. I saw on Twitter that Sandra Fluke is considering running for Waxman’s seat. Still want to stick with that? 😉

        1. I would rate Fluke as a step up. Not all the way up to sea level, but better than Waxman.

        2. Sheesh. If she lives in Brentwood, she can easily afford $1000/year for contraceptives…

        3. So a woman who can’t figure out how to budget $9 per month for birth control while attending an expensive law school now wants to be part of the body that decides how taxpayer money is spent? Not enough facepalms in the world for that one.

  3. I have faithfully been voting against Waxman for 20 years, until the last election cycle when the California redistrict kicked in. He elected to get out of San Fernando Valley and represent the more wealthy West Side and Beverly Hills, which is a VERY safe district for Democrat.

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