House bill introduced to spank anti-Semites in higher academia.

Good. Shame it’s not a literal spanking:

A new bipartisan bill introduced Thursday in the House would strip all federal funds from any U.S. academic institution that decides to boycott Israel, according to a copy of the newly filed legislation obtained by the Free Beacon.

The introduction of the bill marks the first time that Congress has sought to level harsh economic penalties on federally funded universities that seek to boycott the Jewish state.

Because this Jew-hating nonsense has gone on long enough. I’m in full agreement with Rep. Peter Roskam on this: you can be a bigot on your own time all you like, but be damned if my tax money should go towards giving you a living while you’re doing it.  This is the United States of America, not some two-bit UN-sponsored NGO: peddle your regressive lifestyle somewhere else.


Moe Lane

PS: Ten bucks says Harry Reid lets it die in the Senate, though.  He’s got that look.

7 thoughts on “House bill introduced to spank anti-Semites in higher academia.”

  1. Rather .. happy .. to see Roskam behind this. It’s nice when an Illinois pol gets something right, wish it’d happen more often.

        1. My only real issue with Pete is his support from Private Sector Unions.
          But when you’re a Republican in the Collar Counties you have to be moderate on a certain number of issues.
          Better that then Abortion.

          1. I have less of a problem with doing business with private-sector unions than public-sector.
            As Walker proved, it’s possible to split public-sector skirt unions apart from other unions…

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