Other Quote of the Day, It’s Not That I *Don’t* Like Moore/Miller… edition.

…but, yeah, I may have been one of the few people out there who thought Wanted was a desperate cry for help from the comic book community. So, anyway, from
173 Things We Learned From The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Trailer:

Star-Lord is very attached to his Walkman, which plays the 1974 song “Hooked On A Feeling” by Blue Swede, which you have had stuck in your head all day. ALL DAY. Clearly Star-Lord has no way of replacing this treasured possession, which means he hasn’t been on Earth since about the mid-’80s. That means he may have missed the whole grim-n-gritty era of comics in the late ’80s that started with Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns and quickly deteriorated into twenty years of garbage. So he probably doesn’t know that superheroes are supposed to be violent, miserable and humorless. Does this mean this movie might actually be fun?

We think so.

It might, rabbit, it might.



3 thoughts on “Other Quote of the Day, It’s Not That I *Don’t* Like Moore/Miller… edition.”

  1. Also looks like the raccoon is the brains behind the group. Which goes along with the whole “using humans as food procurement agents” thing.

    1. Rocket Raccoon is clever. He thinks fast, and acts faster.
      But he isn’t the brains of the group. He doesn’t think long term. He’s the impulsive one that alternates between getting the group into trouble, and pulling their fat out of the fire.
      Star-Lord is nominally the brains behind the group.
      Here’s a handy analogy:
      Deathstroke is to Deadpool
      Doom Patrol is to Guardians of the Galaxy
      In both cases, Marvel took a grimdark DC property, stuck their tongue firmly in cheek, and deconstructed it into camp.

  2. I usually frown at this kind of thing, but yeah, it does look like fun. Will take my kids to see it.

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