Quote of the Day, Of COURSE Rich Angelino Liberals Hate #Obamacare Surcharges edition.

This naivete is almost sweet:

But [restaurant owner Bill] Chait was a little surprised that anyone affluent enough to pay for entrees that range from $18 for butternut squash agnolotti to $75 for prime dry-aged cote de boeuf would gripe about paying a tiny fee[*] so the person washing the tricolore salad can have a modest healthcare plan.

He shouldn’t be. I’ve noticed that far too many supporters of Obamacare – particularly the rich ones – get awful huffy when it’s their money that gets involved.



*Essentially, a 3% surcharge to help pay for new Obamacare premiums for the restaurant’s staff.

9 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Of COURSE Rich Angelino Liberals Hate #Obamacare Surcharges edition.”

  1. Mr. Chait…wait. Can I call you “pinhead”? It seems more accurate.
    Look, pinhead. The basic gripe is “It’s OUR money and we spend it how WE choose.” If you cannot grasp that simple idea, you probably deserve to go out of business.

    1. Remember, these are the people who said “I think it’s great that people have to buy insurance, I just didn’t think I was the one that was going to have to pay for it.”

      1. You left off “subsidized insurance”.
        I guess they thought that’d come out of Obama’s stash too, huh?

        1. Yeah, I missed writing “subsidized,” although the woman who actually said that didn’t say it either.

          But no, she didn’t think Obama had a stash, she just thought that “the rich” were going to pay for it, and she wasn’t.

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