The @nytimes has a somewhat provincial audience itself, methinks.

I can’t say that I’m either particularly jubilant that Piers Morgan is going to lose his CNN gig, or obscurely depressed that the gun control movement will effectively lose such a particularly unhelpful spokesman for its cause.  It is a thing: I don’t watch CNN anyway and there’s always going to be somebody else who comes along with Morgan’s gift for negative PR. 



…this has to be one of the most New York Times-y things that I’ve ever seen the New York Times go ahead and New York Times. Marvel, my brothers and sisters.  It takes a special kind of corporate mind to equate ‘deeply interested in America’ with ‘provincial,’ particularly when you’re a major American newspaper*…

Moe Lane

*To be fair, I am willing to accept that that particular passage might be due to an editor. The rest of the article is sound enough.

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