OK. Everything is back to normal.

This is… kind of strange, really.  Usually this sort of thing is much more painful.  Yeah, I know, I know: I’m tempting fate.  But still.

Moe Lane

PS: Still have the cold, though.  So there’s that.

7 thoughts on “OK. Everything is back to normal.”

      1. Every time someone posts a blog post with “Everything Is” in the title, I now have to link that song.
        I am sure that people are sick of it.

  1. Congrats! I remember cobbling together a working computer from my 8088 clone that had a shorted keyboard port and a PC AT that had a dead power supply to make a machine I called frankenstein. Nowadays it’s the only system I have that still has a 5.25in floppy drive– not that I’ve put power to it in nearly 2 decades now.

  2. Moe,
    You say you have an external drive for backup and that’s good, but they die too, and you have to remember to you know *backup*.
    I would suggest getting at least the free version of Dropbox, (2G with minor options for upgrade), and make it a habit to put your most critical stuff in there. Then of course, backup THAT to the external drive.
    Once you get used to having ALL your favorite files on ALL your devices you will see the value of Dropbox.

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