Potheads versus Greenies!

…No, really. Apparently growing the marijuana isn’t carbon neutral, or whatever the heck the theological term is. Fair warning: the link may be to Power Line, but it leads right from there to Mother Jones. Which is apparently on the other side of the War on Some Drugs, now.  Just goes to show: never trust anybody over thirty.


Moe Lane

PS: The commenters over at Mother Jones are having none of this, by the way.  It’s making for strangely compelling reading.

3 thoughts on “Potheads versus Greenies!”

  1. The fact that much of it is grown under lights is in part collateral damage of the war on drugs.

  2. Okay, so if 1 pound of pot contributes enough greenhouse gas to equal 3 milion cars…

    “Save the planet: Say no to marijuana.”

    Hey if libertarians, liberals for legalized pot, etc. are at war with global-warming fanatics, I’m not going to complain. In fact, does anyone have some popcorn, I may have to sell tickets cause this should interesting to watch.

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