Tweet of the Day, This Is Not QUITE Correct Edition.

It is much more accurate to say that Barack Obama will be trying to use the Gadsden Flag to sell Obamacare. I say this largely because Barack Obama is terrible at selling things; it’s about time that more of us said that aloud.

8 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, This Is Not QUITE Correct Edition.”

    1. The ‘Gadsden Flag’ is in the public domain, I’m pretty sure. And no court is about to make any politician liable for false advertising. False advertising is the very definition of a politicians career.

      1. Tea Party groups are 501c(4)’s though, they are technically not a political group. One can argue that Obama’s group is using that to try to falsely imply that the Tea Party is supporting Obamacare.

        1. I would so argue, but I agree with Luke: the tactic is laughable. The democrats have spent the last 5(or so?) years demonizing the tea party, and now they want to try to cash in on it! 😀 You know an entity is a legitimate player when it’s detractors start trying to capitalize on it’s symbols.

          1. I just think it would be rather ironic (not to mention there would be a certain poetic justice to it) to use a weapon that Democrats typically employ against conservatives against them for a change.

  1. Hijacking an image that symbolises self-reliance to encourage govt dependency is further proof that the left is, in the least, irony challenged.

  2. “Barack Obama is terrible at selling things . . .”

    Are you KIDDING?!

    BO is an incredible seller. Very few can instantly light up such a substantial portion of an entire country as can he. Even fewer can instantly light them all up using only blatant bullshyte.

    No, his problem isn’t selling. He sells well.

    It’s that he only sells worthless crap, for high prices.

    Or, I guess I should say that that’s OUR problem. He seems fine with it.

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