Greenies mucking up Democrats’ Senate hopes.

Your daily dose of Democrats eating their own*:

‘Downton Abbey’ Democrats May Cost their Party the Senate

When it comes to green gentry liberalism, think of an Americanized version of the PBS hit—where everyone knows his or her place, and our betters look best.

Last week was a good week for natural gas, but a bad one for green gentry liberalism.   John Podesta, a veteran of the Clinton White House who is once again a presidential adviser, tried to explain some energy facts of life to the true-believing liberal base. Still, it’s unclear if Podesta’s intended audience was listening, and that willful blindness may cost the Democrats control of the Senate.

The problem here is that talking to hardcore Greenies is tricky. They are just bright enough to understand when you’re condescending to them, but not sophisticated enough to really grok that you can’t have certain things simply by wishing for them.  This is going to be an ongoing problem for the Democratic party, not least because Barack Obama has been indulging Greenie fantasy ideology for just a little bit too long, practically speaking. The inevitable tantrum will thus be epic.

…And no, this time I won’t offer solutions.  Somebody might actually be looking for them, for a change.

Moe Lane

*Lemme clarify that one. The author may or may not be on the Left, but the Daily Beast certainly is – and they published this article, so they’re definitely eating their own here.

8 thoughts on “Greenies mucking up Democrats’ Senate hopes.”

  1. Trouble is, they aren’t anywhere near as smart or as admirable or as superior as they think they are.
    Downton Abbey, but with a cast of Bandar-log

    1. Did you- did you just call our host one of the Monkey People? I’m mean sure, plains ape, but Moe at least knows how to make fire! ;D

      1. Niven reference!
        Not to Our Gracious Host, but to the Greenies of whom he speaks.

  2. Well this is what happens when you get a bunch of ideologues to disagree with people whom agree with them on most other issues. They tend to go bonkers, try to silence those that disagree with them, and essentially wreck any coalition that the party had.

  3. What the Green Gentry Leftists, they aren’t liberals, fail to understand is they will be the first to go in a crash. Large houses full of loots of stuff out in the country far from any first responders does not make for a good future unless you are very proficient in self defense, which most of them aren’t.

    1. Or can hire people who are to keep out the riffraff and the peasants, which some of them do.

      1. Did you see the recent news item about the sudden popularity of moats around mansions?

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