Just a reminder: in six days the ‘doc fix’ goes away.

California Healthline is of the somewhat optimistic opinion that they’ll pass the doc fix* before it expires March 31st. The House wants a delay of the individual mandate: the Senate wants… whatever it is that is telling Harry Reid what to do today. Personally, I don’t care if they pass a permanent version fix, or let the current one lapse: either way, Congress would stop getting to use it as an accounting trick to make the annual deficit look smaller.

People in the health care field may, of course, have a different opinion on best outcomes. But from a budgetary point of view the doc fix is a monster.  Kill it one way, or another.

Moe Lane

*I described the doc fixlast March. As you can see, I have mellowed slightly on the subject since then.  I mean, when you’re already covered in mud and slime, what’s a little more?