The #obamacare spin problem, in a nutshell.

Shorter version: framing doesn’t work as well as people think that it does.

And not just on the Left, either. Far too many people on the Right have a certain pessimism when it comes to estimating the rhetorical and persuasive powers of our opposition. Which I guess makes sense: nobody likes to think that they lost an election to blithering idiots. Bottom line, though, is that you can only cook the books for so long*. If the Democrats want to have a happy November, they better start thinking about how to make life better for the country.


Moe Lane

*I can do a lot of things for people. What I can’t do is make them decide that they deserve to win. And I don’t really think that it is my place to even try.

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  1. Being an honest partisan means, sometimes, acknowledging that we don’t deserve to win…
    Only idiot partisans never think they deserve to win… and they’re rarely right, like blind pigs and broken clocks.

    1. There are also idiotic partisans that believe their side is never wrong on anything, whom will even go after those that would agree with them on other issues (on both sides of the political spectrum).

      Then there are idiotic partisans, whom go out of their way to silence people that disagree with them. I’ve seen this behavior personally from both people on the left and on the right. Generally they don’t like their worldview challenged. If you have confidence in what you believe you should be willing to discuss the issue in a calm rational manner (who knows you might in fact be overlooking a key detail, or you can convince the other person that they are missing a key detail).

      1. Don’t forget that our opposition likes to pretend to be former conservatives/Republicans for the purpose of sowing chaos and dissent. See: moby.

        1. I’m well aware of that, however people need to consider the fact that sometimes fellow conservatives get falsely accused of being left wing trolls.

          I know it’s hard to tell which is which, but one has to bear in mind there are two goals that liberals have when they pull those stunts.
          1. Make Conservatives look intolerant.
          2. Cause Conservatives to be unable to trust each other when there is a legitimate debate on an issue, which causes major schisms in our ranks.

          Some Conservatives easily play into this and all it does is that it does the left’s dirty work for them.

          One has to be willing to be able to disagree with fellow conservatives, discuss those disagreements, and at the end of the day, still be able to be on the same side. Otherwise all people are doing is helping the Democrats turn Conservatives against each other.

          We are not mindless lemmings like Democrats, we shouldn’t act like Democrats.

          1. “I’m a lifelong Republican with impeccable credentials — $20 million per year income, Imperial Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan, winner of the ‘Darwin Was a Satanic Communist Stooge’ essay competition — but I have to say that this Obama fellow’s ideas are good for the country and have all turned out better than we expected. And anyone who disagrees with that is a filthy moron who wants to destroy America and the GOP.”

          2. Though you are exaggerating for effect, I get your point.

            Effective counter to that song and dance routine: The KKK was formed by Democrats and have hated Republicans ever since the end of the Civil War. Nice try, Democrat but your mistake was buying into your side’s own rhetoric while trying to pose as a Republican.

  2. Moe, the problem is more serious that Democrats having delusions. I seriously wish they were going into this with over-confidence.

    Remember, the IRS targetting of Conservatives, the wiretapping of the Associated Press, Fox News Reporter James Rosen, etc.; they are willing to use the power of government as a political weapon to remain in power. What’s worse, they seriously believe they can get away with it because the mainstream media won’t hold them to account. I think we should expect the abuses of power that we saw leading up to the 2012 elections.

    1. The model is more likely 2010, garfield, but your point here is valid.
      If you are reading this, and are conservative, and are politically active, a level of caution that looks like *paranoid* should be a default state.

        1. Preachin’ to the choir, garfield.
          Not that any choir director would welcome my voice…

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