Normally you don’t see “Turnout will save us!” until about October or so.

It’s a bad time to be a Democrat, apparently, because they needed to toss out stuff like this pretty darn early this cycle: “[T]he most important news for Democrats going into November is that the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee is planning to spend $60 million on data-driven GOTV efforts specially focused on reducing the “midterm falloff” factor.”  The link – unlike TPM’s – works, but I wouldn’t recommend clicking one way or the other.  The major questions raised by that quote:

  • How does the DSCC plan to spend sixty million on a website when they only have eighteen million in the bank and seven months to get the rest?
  • Senate control in 2012 will hinge on at least the following states: Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota, and West Virginia. The Democrats won none of those states in 2012. They will need to do better in 2014, not as well.
  • And lastly: why isn’t this program up and running now?

…weren’t really answered in the LA Times piece, largely because there aren’t good answers anyway.  Well.  No good answers for Democrats.

Via… don’t remember, sorry.  I think the link is from Mother Jones, only I feel kind of bad for Kevin Drum for having to burn his soul in order to write that kind of tripe.

Moe Lane



  • acat says:

    CAC has a bit up over at Ace that does a deep dive into Wisconsin voting trends (http://ace.mu.nu/archives/348269.php) that I’ll bet, if CAC weren’t a part-time blogger with a day job, could be repeated for Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota, West Virginia, Hawaii, and Oregon.
    I’m hoping the DSCC does manage to spend sixty mil .. that’ll leave ’em hopelessly in debt come 2016.

    • wennejunk says:

      As we’ve seen in current macro finance, more debt = prosperity. The more they spend, but do not have, the better off they will be.

  • BigGator5 says:

    They must be seeing worse numbers than we are if they are squealing so much this far out.

  • Crawford says:

    Their virtual turnout will save them.

  • jaycost says:

    Who the eff are they trying to fool? Look at Obama’s totals in the most vulnerable states.

    Alaska 41%
    Arkansas 37%
    Louisiana 41%
    West Virginia 35%
    South Dakota 40%
    Montana 42%
    North Carolina 48%

    They lose high turnout elections in these states.

    They’ve reached the kitchen sink phase. Let’s just toss every “How we’re gonna win” strategy out there and hope to holy hell the donors buy it and pony up the scratch.

    • Finrod says:

      I like to call it the “T-1000 that fell into the vat of liquid metal and is frantically trying every form it has” phase.

      • acat says:

        The Dems are being very green (or maybe very common core .. or cargo cultist) about this .. bring back every past pattern that worked.
        This is why we get Harry Reid demonizing the Koch Bros, and why we get “turnout” and “Citizens United” and I’m sure “gerrymandering” won’t be far behind.
        That said, we have a long summer ahead of us, and not all Dems are fuggheads. Let’s not get cocky.

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