White House won’t say if Barack Obama gave up 5% of his salary for shutdown solidarity.

Because Barack Obama said that he would – voluntarily, mind you; it’d be illegal to dock the President’s pay – only when the Washington Free Beacon called to check, well…


Staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon Ellison Barber was interviewed today on Fox News about a report from the WFB’s Elizabeth Harrington calling into question whether President Obama followed through on his promise to return five percent of his salary.

Barber said by that metric President Obama owes about $20,000. The White House has so far refused to confirm whether the president has actually written a $20,000 check to the Treasury.

Five bucks says that the White House forgot, and is now scrambling to cut a check and backdate it somehow.  Mind you, that assumes that there’s somebody in this administration smart enough to realize that Presidents need to follow through on the grandiose promises that they make on various topics.  I am not entirely convinced that there is anybody that smart there.  Or that mature.

Via Legal Insurrection.

Moe Lane

PS: If we don’t call them on this stuff, they’ll just get worse.

5 thoughts on “White House won’t say if Barack Obama gave up 5% of his salary for shutdown solidarity.”

  1. In Florida, any elected official can take up to 100% of statued pay. We honestly need to do this at the federal level, which unforuntally will take a constitutional amendment.

  2. Why would Obama bother to follow through on what he said he’ll do? It would be a first if he actually did.

  3. Fully agree that Preezy needs some limits imposed on his lying and tyrannizing. $20k is a start. (Hey Valerie, set up two more suckers for the next fundraising dinner!).

    But at this point, my best guess is that the Benghazi hearings will come to nothing and we’ll just have to “buckle up” through January 2017. And if the GOP nominates Jeb or somebody like him, probably much longer.

  4. Seriously, is anyone surprised that Obama’s promise was just a bunch of empty words…

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