Tweet of the Day, …What. The. F*CK, Chuck Hagel?

How the Hell does Chuck Hagel not know the answer to this question?

Moe Lane



…because I sure do, right now.

7 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, …What. The. F*CK, Chuck Hagel?”

  1. I mostly cary on with a general sense of mild disgust, but this is genuinely horrifying in it’s casual, willful ignorance.

    1. This, I think .. he’s trying to hide in the crowd.
      I don’t think it’ll work for him any better than it’s worked for other Obamaites who’ve tried it, but .. if you’re Chuck “dumb as a stump” Hagel, ya gotta try *somethin’*…

  2. Moe, he knows the answer.
    Let me translate: “You can’t make me tell you so buzz off”

  3. Well I don’t remember anyone ever accusing Chuck Hagel of being particularly intelligent.

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