I gotta admit, I endorse this sentiment.

I mean, yes, people who didn’t like the album or U2 should have had an easy way to remove it.

But that can issue – and in fact was – settled with a simple, albeit loud, “HEY! Knock that off!” Besides… has anybody involved ever actually read Apple’s EULA? They can pretty much brick your hardware just because they don’t like your face. Amazing that that didn’t set people off, but this did. Humans are weird.

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  • acat says:

    Trust is an interesting thing, Moe.
    Breakdowns in societal trust lead to interesting times.

  • BigGator5 says:

    I don’t think you understand how bad Apple and U2 messed up. I mean, they forced 500 Million people to download this album. This wasn’t a case of “check out this free album, download it if you want” but instead “we don’t care if you are a U2 fan, we are shoving this down your throat” and they could not delete it from their devices. It made history, because it is “the first album to command a custom-coded deletion tool and an official accompanying support document issued by one of the largest technology companies in history.”
    It was a blunder of epic proportions Moe. Lucky enough for me, I don’t have iTunes so I was spared this personal outrage.

  • Pomme143 says:

    That is now going to be my new response to people complaining about similar first world problems. Babies!

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